PartsPal controls Collection pages to allow buyers to browse parts that fit their vehicle.

These collections are dynamically created by PartsPal based on part type. When a buyer selects a vehicle from their homepage, they will be directed to this collection page automatically.

If you want to display these collection pages on your Shopify navigation, you will have to

  1. Get the collection's URL

  2. Place the URL in your Shopify Navigation

Step 1: Finding the collection URL

For a top-level category

Type a/partspal/home at the end of your store URL. e.g

You should see all the collections that you have a part type in. Select the collection you want.

Copy the URL, starting after your store name, up till the end of the collection number.

For example for Driveline and Axles, the URL is /collections/partspal?cid=driveline-and-axles-GCCA71

Accessories and Fluids


Air and Fuel Delivery


Belts and Cooling






Driveline and Axles


Electrical Lighting and Body


Emission Control
















Wiper and Washer


Tire and Wheel


Transfer Case


Hardware and Service Supplies


Bottom level categories

Select the collection URL from the Inventory Manager. Similarly, you will only need to copy the URL after your store name, up till the end of the collection number.

Step 2: Link to the collection on your navigation

To link to these collections from your navigation menu or on your featured sections on your homepage, simply paste the links generated above into your navigation.

Head over to your Shopify Dashboard > Online Store > Navigation

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