PartsPal automatically keeps your stock levels in sync with your Shopify Inventory. You can choose to update your stock levels via Shopify or PartsPal.

Preparing your CSV

Download the PartsPal Stock Template

Firstly, download the template for the CSV using the link below. You can then open your CSV File in Google Sheets (free) or Excel for a larger inventory.

Download CSV Templates

How it works

The first line of the CSV file is the column headers. The following lines must contain data for your product using the same columns in the same order.

  • SKU

    SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is your internal stock number unique to your store. We use the SKU as the "source of truth" for your products. This means, we create a product based on the SKU number, and make any updates to that product based on it

    The SKU will be very useful moving forward. If you want to make any changes to your inventory such as adding an image or adjust stock levels, you will upload a file containing the SKU and the Column header of the attribute you want

  • Quantity The number of items you have in stock of this product.

  • AddressID PartsPal generates a unique addressID for your address. To find this address ID, head to your Settings > Shipping > Locations and click on the address.

    The external ID is assigned by your sales channel (eBay/Shopify). Make sure you are using the AddressID, not the external

Checklist before uploading

Before uploading your file, make sure to check for these below.

  • Your column headers match PartsPal's template headers exactly

    e.g AddressIDe not - Address ID

  • Your file exported is in CSV format, and is formatted correctly

    When you work with Excel or Google Sheets, you will have a few options when saving your document. Ensure that it is a CSV format, not a Excel or other spreadsheet.

    Tip: It is worth reopening the file after saving it to make sure that it file is formatted correctly.

Uploading your CSV

Step 1: Go to Uploads

From your PartsPal dashboard, select the "Upload" icon.

Step 2: Select Import Type.

Select "Stock"

Step 3: Select Transformer Type

PartsPal is able to accept a few different formats. As you're uploading from a CSV, select PartsPal_Stock_Feed

Upload your file, and click import.

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