If you are using PartsPal as your Inventory Manager, you will need publish your inventory to Shopify. You will also need to publish any changes you made on PartsPal to show up on Shopify.

In this article, we cover:

  1. Shopify Sync Settings

  2. Requirements to publish to Shopify

  3. Publishing Manually through PartsPal

  4. Publishing in bulk through a CSV

Shopify Sync Settings

Firstly, check your Sync setting by going to Settings > Sales Channel > Shopify Settings.

If you selected the "Use PartsPal as my Inventory Manager" setting when setting up your store, the settings will be set to "Push" by default, which is the correct setting.

If you would like to Copy your products instead from Shopify, you can change the settings.

Requirements to publish to Shopify

Your products will need to meet some requirements to publish to Shopify.

When they meet the requirements, the products will show up as "Ready to be Published". You can then filter for these products and publish them.

On the other hand, you can also view the reason a product is invalid by hoving over the Shopify icon of that product.

The minimum requirements that products need are

  1. Brand & part number

  2. Retail price

  3. Part type

Publishing Manually through PartsPal

If you only need to publish a select few products to Shopify, it's easier to do it through PartsPal. Select the checkbox of the products, click "Publish/Unpublish" and update.

The products will create on Shopify and be linked.

Publishing in bulk through a CSV

If you would like to publish a larger inventory, it's easier to do so through a bulk CSV file.

Step 1: Export your inventory

Export your products through the "Export" button on the top right. You will have the option to export all your products or just Filtered products.

For example, you can filter by:

  • Valid - Ready to Publish

  • Brand

  • Price

  • Vehicles

You will receive an email with a .csv download.

Step 2. Add an action column

Add a column with the action "PUBLISH_SHOPIFY".

Step 3. Upload the file as a product file

Save this file as a CSV and upload it as a product file. Note, that Shopify will usually update at 1000 products an hour.

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