If you work with a large inventory on PartsPal, it will be more efficient to make bulk changes via CSV files. This guide will cover how to make product changes such as

  • How to bulk upload images to PartsPal

  • How to bulk update prices, name, descriptions, dimension to PartsPal

Step 1: Export your products

Step 2: Make changes to your CSV file

Step 3: Upload your CSV file

Step 4: Publish your changes

Step 1: Export your products

Export your products from the three-dots dropdown in your inventory manager.

The download link will be forwarded to your email. This could take a few minutes to an hour depending on the size of your inventory.

Step 2: Make your changes to your CSV File

SKU is the "source of truth" for your products

  • PartsPal creates a product based on the SKU

  • PartsPal makes any updates to that product based onSKU

To make changes to your inventory, prepare a file containing the SKU and the column headers.

Download the Product CSV Template

  • Example - Updating Titles

Finally, check that your column header match the templates


SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is your internal stock number unique to your store. We use the SKU as the "source of truth" for your products. This means, we create a product based on the SKU number, and make any updates to that product based on it.

PartNumber & Brand

The Part Number and Brand are required to match your product with a catalog part, either from the Partly Database or from your own fitment data.


The images should be a URL containing your image


RetailPrice is the price that your customers will purchase your products.

  • Don't include a currency, only the number.

  • Check that your CSV does not have a string of decimal numbers. e.g 22.94452


The title of your product. Note: We recommend that your title has "Part Type" + "Part Number" + Brand Drum Wheel Cylinder 123902 Ultima


We would advice that your description have minimal formatting to prevent issues.

Step 3: Upload your inventory changes

Go to Uploads

From your PartsPal dashboard, select the "Upload" icon.

Select Import Type.

Name your file upload and Select "Product" Ensure that your name is unique, PartsPal will not accept duplicate file names.

Select Transformer Type

PartsPal is able to accept a few different formats. As you're uploading from a CSV, select PartsPal_Products

Upload your file, and click import.

Upload time

Your product upload will enter the queue. This could take minutes or hours depending on how big your file upload is and how busy the queue is.

Step 4: Publish your changes

Finally, you want to Publish your products to Shopify for the updates to take place.
How to Publish to Shopify via CSV

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