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UVDB (Universal Vehicle Database) is Partly's proprietary vehicle database containing over 150,000 vehicle definitions. Vehicle definitions are detailed grouping of vehicles by their relevant base properties.

Partly have a dedicated in house team of data engineers and industry veterans who research vehicles per country, based on OEM vehicle catalogs. We then constantly improve the list accuracy based on customer feedback, return information, and algorithms comparing internal consistency.

Partly uses vehicle definitions to link parts to vehicles, which is an accurate and practical approach for fitment data.

Example and use case

  • NISSAN PRIMERA (P11) 2.0 16V

    1996 1999 6 5 |Nissan | Primera | P11 | P11 | SR20VE | 2.0 L 4 4 140 | 1998 16 Intake Manifold Injection / Carburettor Petrol Front-Wheel Drive Sedan

  • NISSAN PRIMERA (P11) 2.0 16V

    1996 2001 912 | Nissan | Primera | P11 | P11 | SR20DE | 2.0L 4 4 96 | 1998 16 Intake Manifold Injection / Carburettor Petrol Front-Wheel Drive Sedan

Vehicle definitions are important in determining parts compatibility.

Above are two vehicle definitions that have very similar properties but a slightly different engine.

The first example has an engine code of SR20VE and the second example SR20DE. The SR20VE has a higher power (Kw) rating than the SR20DE engine because the SR20VE engine is fitted with Variable Valve Timing (VVT). The vehicle definitions read very similar except the one character difference in the engine code and the power rating.

Parts such as camshafts, engine rocker cover and gasket as well a few more internal components in the cylinder head will likely be compatible with one of the vehicles definition and not another.

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