Partly Database is a proprietary databases consisting of UVDB (Universal Vehicle Database) and GAPC (Global Auto Parts Catalog).

  1. UVDB (Universal Vehicle Database)

  2. GAPC (Global Auto Parts Catalog)

  3. Fitment Data

UVDB (Universal Vehicle Database)

UVDB (Universal Vehicle Database) is Partly's proprietary vehicle database containing over 150,000 vehicle definitions. Vehicle definitions are detailed grouping of vehicles by their relevant base properties.

Partly have a dedicated in house team of data engineers and industry veterans who research vehicles per country, based on OEM vehicle catalogs. We then constantly improve the list accuracy based on customer feedback, return information, and algorithms comparing internal consistency.

More information about UVDB can be found here:
What is UVDB (Universal Vehicle Database)?

GAPC (Global Auto Parts Catalog)

GAPC (Global Auto Parts Catalog) is Partly's proprietary parts catalog containing over 55 million catalog parts and nearly 400 million fitments. Alongside fitment, GAPC also contains category, position, cross-reference, attributes, and brand information.

GAPC is created from over 400 different sources. These include our internal data team researching and linking OEM part numbers, manufacturers and distributers uploading parts to GAPC.

More information about GAPC can be found here:
What is GAPC (Global Auto Parts Catalog)

Fitment Data

Partly links catalog parts in GAPC with vehicle definitions in UVDB. This standard of linking is an accurate and practical approach for fitment data. This standard is compatible with eBay, and can be displayed on e-commerce websites and easily distributed.

There are 2 ways users can access Partly Database

  1. PartlyAPI

    Software platforms and marketplaces use Partly API to provide fitment data. PartlyAPI is built using GraphQL and gives you full control on how you retrieve our data

  2. PartsPal

    PartsPal is a parts catalog management software. Auto parts sellers use PartsPal to centralise their parts catalog, add fitment data to their parts and sell on eBay and Shopify.

    PartsPal is integrated with Partly Database. When a seller's part is matched with a catalog part from Partly Database based on the part number and brand, fitment data and additional information is automatically added.

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