If your product is matched to a catalog part, the part type will be added to your product. You can view a catalog part in the inventory manager > edit catalog part.

However, there will be some catalog parts that don't have a part type. In this case, you will be able to edit the catalog part's Part Type.

Method 1: Adding part types manually

Method 2: Adding in bulk

Method 1: Adding part types manually

If you have just a few items, it's easier to add the part types manually on PartsPal. Select "Edit Part" on the specifications tab, and search for your part type.

Your part type will have to match the Partly Catalog. If you can't find the part type you want, get in touch with support for help.

Method 2: Adding in bulk

If you have a larger inventory, you can add part types in bulk via CSV.

Step 1: Export your products

Export your products through the "Export" button on the top right. You will have the option to export all your products or just Filtered products.

In this case, it may be helpful to filter for "no part type" and export just those products.

You will receive an email with a .csv download.

Step 2: Add the part type to your spreadsheet

Open the CSV file downloaded and add your part types to the "part type" column.

Step 3: Upload your inventory changes

Save your file in the .csv format. From your PartsPal dashboard, select the "Uploads" tab, then the Product Tab, upload your file, and click import.

Step 4: Map your part types

PartsPal will automatically match your part types with the relevant part type on the Partly Catalog.

However, there may be cases where PartsPal is unable to map automatically. For example, this product doesn't have enough information.

PartsPal has a Part Type mapper tool to make this process faster. PartsPal will suggest relevant part types or you can search for the relevant part type, and select "Map part type".

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