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  1. Download the product CSV

  2. Format your products list

  3. Uploading your file

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Step 1: Download the product CSV

You can download a CSV file to view the PartsPal template.

Select the "Import products" button, make sure you're in the "Products" tab, and then click "Download template".

You will need either Google Sheets or Excel to edit and manage your inventory.

Step 2: Format your products list

  • The first line of the CSV download file is the column headers. You will need to retain this line.

  • The template file contains some explanations and examples of how to use the CSV file. You should delete line 2-3 before uploading your file.

The following lines must contain data for your product using the same columns.

  • SKU

    SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is your internal number unique to your store. PartsPal uses the SKU as the "source of truth" for your products. This means, we create a product based on the SKU number, and make any updates to that product based on it.

  • PartNumber & Brand

    The PartNumber and Brand columns are required to match your product with a catalog part from GAPC (Partly Catalog), hence add or manage part information.

    For example, this is a Catalog Part - Ryco R2591. If you input the part number & brand into PartsPal, your product will automatically match with this part.

If you want to add a brand that is not in Partly Catalog, you will need to get in touch with the Partly team so that we can add the brand for you.

  • Images

    The images should be a URL containing your image, for example:

    If you want to add more than one image, separate the image with a semicolon ";' e.g;

    If you have a folder with images, instead of the images already hosted on an image host, get in touch with Partly Support team for help hosting your images.

  • RetailPrice

    The RetailPrice column is for the price that your customers will purchase your products.

    • Don't include a currency, only the number.

    • Check that your CSV does not have a string of decimal numbers. e.g 22.94452

Step 3: Uploading your file

Once you have prepared your file, ensure that you export it as a '.csv' file.

Upload the upload in the file upload manager.

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